Kids Dance Classes

We have kids dance classes for students as young as 3 years old; Classes in Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap, Musical Theatre, plus, combination classes for young children and Boy's classes.

At The Dance Connection our kids dance classes are designed to be rewarding, fun and educational. These three things are what we focus on. Rewarding, because every child deserves to reach their potential and feel like they've accomplished something. Fun, because learning is easier when it's fun. And educational, because the children deserve to learn proper technique by a qualified instructor.

All our kids dance classes are taught by highly qualified professionals. They are experts in their field and understand the needs of their students and the requirements of the artform. Get a more in depth look at our programs below.

Little children's dance classes

Our little children's dance classes are designed to be fun, educational and age appropriate. These classes include our Nursery Dance Class for 3 year olds, our Pre-school Combo for 4 year olds, our tiger dance class for boys 3-4, and our Kindercombo class for boys and girls in kindergarten. Learn more about our Little Childrens Dance Classes.

Ballet Classes

We offer ballet classes for students of all ages and levels. Our studio is steeped in the tradition of this classical art form. Besides our weekly ballet classes, we offer a summer ballet intensive for those students who just can't get enough. We also host The New Jersey Youth Ballet's Nutcracker each winter, which is open to all children in Kindergarten and older. To learn more about ballet classes at the Dance Connection visit our Ballet Classes page.

Musical Theatre

Few things are as fun as singing, dancing and acting. Our performing arts school includes classes in theatre dance, tap, song and dance and a performing arts camp during the summer. Our instructors are from the musical theatre industry; some have even worked on Broadway. Learn more about our Summer Performing Arts Camp or our Performing Arts School.

Hip Hop Dance Classes

We offer Hip hop classes for children from 5 and older. Our youngest Hip-hop class is called "Little-Hop". It's for kindergarteners and first graders. But, we also have advanced hip-hop for older and more serious students, Some of our hip-hop teachers come in from NYC, the birthplace of Hip-hop.

Tap Dance Lessons

We have tap dance lessons for children as young as 4. If you've never put on a pair of tap shoes then don't deny your child the thrill. Tap dancers develop not only dance skills but music skills also.

Jazz Dance Lessons

We have Jazz Dance Lessons for children starting in 1st grade. This is a hip and groovy style of dance that includes elements of modern dance, ballet, musical theatre and even hip-hop.

Boys Dance Classes

Dance classes can help boys develop speed, strength and flexibility. We have classes that are specifically geard towards the needs of boys, many of which are taught by owner/director David Kieffer. Check out our boys dance classes for your little ball of energy.

Your kid's dance classes can be a source of enjoyment and confidence for many years to come. At The Dance Connection your children are our number one priority.

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