Children's dance classes for kids ages 3-6

This page is predominantly for parents looking for childrens dance classes for kids 3-6 years old. The Dance Connection has classes for students of all ages. So, if you don't find what you are looking for here, try our general kids dance classes page, or take a look at our schedule.

Dance is fun and inspiring for students of all ages. Exposing young children to the art of dance also helps them develop spatial awareness, promotes Problem-solving, working with others and improves physical fitness. At the dance connection our little childrens dance classes cover basic dance steps, tumbling, creative movement and concepts such as time, space, speed, distance, and direction. Instructors use props music and imagery as teaching tools.

Tiger Dance is a 45 minute movement class just for boys ages 3 - 4. This class teaches dance and movement using images, music and props appropriate for boys. The boys develop strength coordination, and flexibility. This class is taught by David Kieffer.

Nursery Dance is for girls ages 3. This class is an introduction to ballet and runs 45 minutes. Instructors use props and imagery based on famous fair tales to teach beginning ballet and creative movement. Dance under the sea, fly on a magic carpet or transform into a beautiful princess. Children will learn basic ballet steps, vocabulary and some very addicting children's dances.

Pre School Dance is for girls age 4. This combo class, which runs 45 minutes, offers an introduction to ballet and tap. This class uses fun, popular music the children are familiar with. Basic ballet and tap terminology is reinforced throughout the year.

Kindercombo is for boys and girls ages 5 (entering Kindergarten). This class is one hour long and combines ballet and tap. Familiar music is used. Students will build on their Ballet and Tap terminology. Of course there are always some fun surprise dances along the way…Like to Hula Hoop?

Pre Ballet is a one hour dance class for 5 and 6 year olds who can't get enough ballet or want to get a head start on his/her ballet training. Students begin to work within the professional structure of the ballet class. Students start using the barre and working towards simple combinations in the center.

Little Hop is a one hour class for children in Kindergarten or first grade. Get ready to have some fun. High energy, age appropriate music is used to introduce children to hip hop! Miss Nadine teaches the "Little Hop Crew".

Broadway Star Combo is a one hour class teaching Jazz and Tap. Boys and Girls from Kindergarten to second grade will enjoy dancing to popular Broadway show tunes from some of your favorite

At The Dance Connection only experienced and qualified dance teachers are allowed to teach our childrens dance classes. We do not let untrained teenagers teach our dance classes. We feel that it's just as important to have an experienced dance instructor teaching our young kids as it is to have an experienced dance instructor teaching our most advanced ballet or hip-hop classes. That's why there are lots of smiles in our little childrens dance classes... from the kids, and from the parents too.

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