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Dance Classes for Boys
Anyone who has tried a ballet class can attest to the fact that dancing developes strength, coordination and concentration. Even great football players like Walter Payton have studied dance to improve agility, balance and flexibility. At the Dance Connection we've made an effort to include boy's dance classes in our curriculum. Some of our classes, such as Tiger Dance, are exclusively for boys. Other classes are suitable for both boys and girls. The Dance Connection is proud to have a number of male teachers who provide successful and confident role models for the younger boys. Sign up for one of our boy's dance classes and give your child a creative, fun and rewarding experience.

Tiger Dance Classes for Boys Only!
All the Tiger Dance classes are designed specifically with boys in mind and are taught by owner/director David Kieffer. These dance classes are fun, exciting and use music and imagery that the boys can relate to. This unique class helps boys develop spatial awareness, promotes problem-solving, working with others and builds self-esteem. Tiger Dance has the high energy and the non-stop action that young boys need in a learning environment.

Other classes your boys would love:

Animal Dancers
Animal Dancers is for pre-schoolers and draws on the tiger dance curriculum. The class is open to both boys and girls and uses music and imagery associated with animals and nature.

Little-Hop is designed for boys and girls in Kindergarden and first grade. This cool class covers basic Hip-Hop skills using music and moves appropriate for younger dancers.

Broadway Star Combo
Broadway Star Combo combines jazz and tap, the two styles most important for the Broadway dancer. Insrtuctors use popular Broadway moves and music to teach this All-Star class.

This funky dance form was started by boys. All hip-hop classes are co-ed and we have classes for students of all ages.

Musical Theatre
These are song and dance classes for students 7 years old and older. Students spend 30 minutes with a vocal instructor and 45 minutes with a dance instructor.

David Kieffer the owner and director of the Dance Connection is the primary ballet teacher at the school. All boys should feel welcome in his classes.

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