Ballet Classes at the Dance Connection

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to the ballet classes at The Dance Connection of Hillsborough. We take great pride in our ballet program, and each student that comes to us will get the best training available. In our ballet classes students get to experience the discipline and history of traditional ballet along with the freedom of modern teaching techniques. We are committed to providing ballet classes for the aspiring dancer and for the young child just starting out.

Students as young as 3 years old can start talking ballet classes at The Dance Connection. At 3-5 years old students in Nursery dance, Tiger dance, Pre-school Combo and KinderCombo learn basic steps and improve their coordination. This will prepare them for our more advanced ballet classes. At 5 or 6 children will start taking ballet classes that follow the traditional ballet class structure. Students start with exercises at the barre and move to center exercises midway through class. The study of ballet is a rewarding, yet detailed process. Our curriculum follows the traditions of this beautiful art form while being flexible enough to cater to the need of each individual student.

Students enrolled in ballet classes at The Dance Connection also have the opportunity to join the New Jersey Youth Ballet. The New Jersey Youth Ballet is Central New Jersey's youth ballet company. Students in the company get to perform in a professional theatre alongside professional dancers. In this way students develop performance skills to complement the technical skills they learned in their ballet classes.

Another thing that makes our ballet classes so remarkable is our faculty. Nothing is more important than a teacher who has mastered the art form and who knows how to communicate with his/her students. All our ballet teachers have had extensive experience in ballet companies or as ballet teachers. For all these instructors, ballet has been the focal point of their lives, and they bring their passion and knowledge to all their ballet classes and each and every child.

The Dance Connection also has ballet classes for adults. Some of our adult ballet students danced when they were younger and return to ballet for their own enjoyment and as a form of physical activity. However, we also have beginning ballet classes for adults that are starting ballet for the first time. Our adult classes cater to the needs of our adult students.

The Dance Connection has ballet classes for everyone, the young and the young at heart. We have weekly ballet classes that run from September through June as well as Summer ballet classes and a ballet intensive every August. We are committed to providing a place for children and adults of all ages to study and appreciate the joy of ballet.

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