Adult Dance Instruction

The Dance Connection is just as dedicated to providing quality adult dance instruction as it is to Children's dance classes.

The Dance Connection offers adult dance instruction in ballet, tap, hip hop as well as workshops in other styles. In our adult program there is a place for everybody. Some of our adult students have been dancing all their lives and some are absolute beginners. We also have a large group of adult students who danced when they were kids and want to return to it as adults. You are never too old or too young to take one of our adult dance classes. We have both teenagers and senior citizens in many of our dance classes.

Any student enrolled in adult dance instruction at The Dance Connection also gets the benefit of our convenient class card system. Our class card system let's you take classes at your convenience. You can come as often as you like, and if you miss class for any reason, you don't loose that class. Furthermore, your class card can be used for any of our adult classes, ballet, jazz, hip hop, even workshop classes. For pricing or more information about our adult class card system please contact us.

adult dance instruction at The Dance Connection is a healthy and fun activity for grown-ups of all ages. Moving your body in rhythm to the music is a feeling that's impossible to replicate in any other activity. Dance class is also a great social outlet.

The instructors at The Dance Connection understand what their adult students need. All our instructors have extensive experience as dancers or dance teachers. They are here to focus on you and make sure you enjoy yourself and succeed.

Besides being fun dancing is a very healthy art form. Dance improves cardiovascular health, flexibility and posture. Dancing is, of course, physical exercise, and you can reap all the benefits of exercise just by going to dance classes. Taking dance classes 3 times a week can reduce your risk for many health problems and make you less prone to injury. But most of all, you will feel better!

In short, our adult dance instruction program has a lot to offer:

- A variety of classes
- A place for students of all ages
- A place for students of all abilities
- A convenient class card system
- A fun and rewarding way to stay active
- Feel better about yourself.

With all the benefits of dancing, it's no wonder why so many adults are involved in this fun and rewarding art form. You'll enjoy the quality of the adult dance instruction at The Dance Connection too. So, call us now, and come try a class.

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