At The Dance Connection we provide dance education of the highest quality.
How do we do this?

Our Classes!
The Dance Connection has classes for students of all ages and abilities. We have classes for adults and children in Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap, Musical Theatre, Lyrical; plus, combination classes for young children and Boy's classes. Furthermore, when making our schedule we consider working parents, stay at home parents, school schedules and more. So check out Our schedule! and give us a call!

Our Commitment!
At the Dance Connection we're committed to the highest quality dance education. In order to do this we've gone all out to make sure that we have only the most experienced and engaging instructors, the most welcoming and professional facility, and the most friendly and available staff.

Our Feelings about Dance!
We feel that dance is a unique and special activity that benefits both children and adults in many ways. When taught properly dance increases body awareness, promotes brain development, and teaches healthy habits. Dance, as exercise, improves physiological health and helps make one look and feel better. Dance is fun and inspirational. The feeling of moving one's body in rhythm to music is a sensation that's impossible to replicate in any other activity.

Our Responsibility to our Parents!
The Dance Connection serves parents too. Parents are entitled to an open dialogue with the staff about any issue regarding their child's dance education. We are proactive in providing information to our parents and we always do our best to accommodate the schedules of both working and stay-at-home parents

Our Responsibility to the Community!
We believe it's our responsibility to promote dance education and an awareness of dance in our local community. We also have a responsibility to the dance world at large to properly train and educate the dancers of the future. Also, it is our duty to experiment and expand the boundaries of dance and dance education.

Our Facilities
At The Dance Connection we are committed to providing a professional yet down to earth environment. Dance Classes Our state of the art facilities reflect this commitment. Our 2400 square foot space contains two studios with "sprung" floors and professional sound equipment, two bathrooms, a dressing room and a large waiting area for parents and caregivers. Both studios have viewing windows so parents can watch their children. We also have a TV in the lobby to entertain siblings while their brothers or sisters take class.

Dance Classes The Dance Connection is completely handicapped accessible.

The Dance Connection is located in Hillsborough and serves Somerset County including Manville, Somerville, Belle Meade, Millstone, Montgomery, Skillman and the surrounding areas.

David Kieffer (owner/director)

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